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Kesser Corruption

A magical condition caused by the use of Kesserite as an arcane reservoir combined with the improper transfer of power from a Sliver of Sprigg.

Transmission & Vectors

The corruption is spread through being impaled by the corrupted crystals. The time it takes to corrupt the impaled creature is suggested to be dependent on several factors such as the force of personality and general hardiness. It is known to travel through natural creatures quite quickly and in smaller animals a simple shard can be enough to corrupt one.


The only way for it to be caused is through impalement of a corrupted Kesserite crystal.


Initially the corruption causes what would appear to be a devastating cold but will eventually imbue hystericalness into the impaled subject.    If around a strong magic user that has been corrupted there has been evidence that they can assert their control over any corrupted creatures in the nearby vicinity.


There have been no known treatments for the corupption but it is proposed that the treatment lies with an Sliver of Sprigg .


The corruption has multiple stages.   The first stage results in the devastating cold or flu like symptoms.   The second stage is when hysteria begins and the crystals begin to grow throughout the creature.    The third stage is when all former personality of the creature is gone and replaced by hysteria or whatever the magic user that is controlling it wishes. Crystals continue to grow throughout the creature.    The fourth and final stage is when all physical prowess begins to increase until it kills the creature. This includes muscular anatomy, skeletal structure, and general hardiness.

Affected Groups

Most humanoid creatures and natural wildlife


A corruption that originated in a joint effort between Grimm and the Karis Church as they worked together to use a newfound crystal known as Kesserite and Sliver of Spriggs to create a new power source.

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