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April sighed and looked around the area once more. “Okay guys, the coast is clear you can come down.”

One by one each of the boys jumped down to street level. Leo was already reaching for the hilt of his sword before the last of them landed. Mikey was automatically tucked back behind his three older brothers, who all stood in defensive stances.

“Start talking. April said you’re the one who freed us,” Leo narrowed his eyes at Lindsey. “What did you mean?”

“It’s true. Purposefully pressed the release,” Lindsey explained.

“Yeah right! You were gonna cut Mikey open!” Raph growled. “You drew lines on him! It took days for that stuff to come off!”

“And even longer to get him to go to sleep,” Donnie added.

“She’s just trying to trick us,” Raph huffed. “I knew it was a waste of time to come out here.”

“Wait.” Leo held his sword out to keep him behind him. “I believe her.”


  Lindsey Baker enlists the help of the turtles to help her get Kri, the mutant cockroach, out of Stockgen. The group sneak into the building and release Kri, but accidently release all the other Mutant experiments from their cages, causing chaos in the facility.   On the way out, they are confronted by Baxter Stockman who attacks them with acid spit. Kri is able to use their communication with other mutants to rally them to attack Stockman and drag him into the facilities basement, allowing the group to escape with Kri.   Lindsey meets Splinter at his cabin and the two have a disagreement about how to raise a mutant child.
May 27th, 2023
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Season 3


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