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"Despite losing those terrapins, last week's efforts weren't a total failure. I did manage to sequence some of their DNA from the blood samples and extract the mutagen component. That alone has advanced my research years ahead of schedule, and I've finally made a breakthrough."

Stockman stopped in front of cage #8, which had been covered with a tarp.

“Go ahead, why don’t you meet our new friend?” Stockman insisted, buzzing with excitement.

Lindsey slowly lifted the tarp and peered into the cage.

Inside was a 2 foot tall cockroach with a massive cranium and thick back legs capable of holding itself upright. As soon as the light entered its cage, its big red eyes opened up. The metal cage rattled as the creature jumped and banged around restlessly inside, making inhuman screeching and hissing sounds.

"Meet Experiment #545," Dr. Stockman said, expression smug.


Lindsey Baker reconsiders her participation in Baxter Stockman's schemes and grows attached to the scientists newest experiment, a mutant cockroach with the mind of a toddler.   Stockman attempts to train this experiment by using shock punishment, forcing Lindsey to protest. Stockman reveals his plan to use the creature as the first of a mutant insect army, and kicks Lindsey off the project. With no where else to turn, she calls the turtles for help.
May 20th, 2023
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Season 3


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