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Snowday, Hooray

“All the more reason to want to sleep,” Mikey said. “We finally have time to ourselves and I don’t even know what to do with it.” He rocked restlessly on his shell.

“We just have one more week, you can hold out,” Leo told him.

“I don’t know about you guys but I’m not even sleepy,” Donnie said from the table where he was working on his laptop and sipping a mug of coffee.

Leo looked at him skeptically. “Don… how many of those have you had.”

Donnie blinked, looking down at his coffee and then away awkwardly. “Uhm… I’m gonna be real with you. I stopped counting after the third one.”

Leo narrowed his eyes. “Put the coffee down, Donnie.”

Donnie shifted his eyes. “No…” He brought the coffee to his mouth.

“Put. It down,” Leo insisted.

Donnie stared at him, sipping.


The turtles are nearing brumation season and are fighting off sleep when the decided to spend one last fun week with their friends before they sleep, going out to have fun in the snow and prepare for the holidays.
August 11th, 2023
Chapter Number
Adventures in Turtle Sitting
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Season 3


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