"And why were you in that house that night?"
"Is that a serious question? I thought the city guard were smarter than this."
— Saval being interrogated
"Saval" is a Vosti thief, though where she hails from is unclear. She is currently in prison for attempted and successful burglary.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

"Saval" was born in The Vosti Empire in 394, though she does not know which city or town. Her family moved around regularly in the hopes of finding steady employment, but this did not occur. Due to their lack of money, Saval received no formal education, and found herself on the street most days.
At some point, she began stealing food and pinching purses in an attempt to support her family, which they were very unhappy about. After returning what they could of her stolen goods, they scolded her harshly. This failed to stop her from stealing again the next time they went hungry, or the time after that.
Around age 10, after yet another move for employment, Saval was caught in the act. While she was far too young to punish, her parents were not, and they were hurt deeply. After seeing all that they were required to give up to pay off the debts she incurred, Saval decided to leave. It is around this time that she adopted the moniker of 'Saval', the name of the national bird of the Vosti Empire.
At some point during her travels, she ventured across the northern border into Telziad, and in 413 fell in with a gang newly arrived in the country, the Skarhan Scavengers. She claims she was hired for her proficiency in thievery, though many suspect it was because she would be harder to connect to the gang due to her southern accent.
A string of successful robberies later, Saval was caught in the act of robbing a house in Sinofis in early 414. She was quickly caught, with the joke around town that she tripped on a stair trying to flee.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Saval is quick-witted despite her lack of education, and learns fast. She's also quite patient, and a level headed mediator in most arguments.

Vices & Personality flaws

She is difficult to be genuine with due to her stony and neutral demeanour, which only cracks under stress or while telling jokes. Despite her ability to learn, she gets easily stuck in habits, many of which are criminal.

Date of Birth
394 AC
The Vosti Empire
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
Skarhan Scavengers
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Vostan (native), Elven (passing and criminal phrases)

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