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Narval Desert

The Narval Desert is the large desert in the northeast of Meridianus. It is bordered on the north and east by the ocean and the west and south by the Synal Mountains. To the southeast is the edge of the Inuvaanah Savanah. The desert itself is the largest desert in Tilandrial. The mountains create a huge rain shadow, and the only constant source of water is the giant lake in the middle simply termed "The Oasis". To the south of the Oasis is a small line of mountains named Shirk Mountain Range. Underneath the Oasis is the lost city of Shirk'la.   Tribes of nomadic humans roam the desert, and this is the location of the desert clan of dragosaurs.


Near the ocean, the Narval desert is a land of dunes. Farther inland, the desert is mostly flat. Closer to the Oasis, there is scant plant life, but farther out, hardly any plants are seen.

Fauna & Flora


  • Camels: Single-humped camels are the most common animal in the desert. The undomesticated one are a popular food source for the dragosaur clan, and the nomadic human tribes have domesticated them for travel.
  • Rodents
  • Lizards
  • Desert Hawks: Occasionally, a nomad will tame one for scouting and hunting use.


  • Cactus: Generally found closer to water sources, and are used as a source of liquid for the nomadic humans.
  • Grasses
Related Ethnicities

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