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Agein Rusayen

Agein Rusayen is the Shirk name for the mountains that border the south side of what was once Shirk Valley. In their language, it means "Lizard Mountains" for the mountain range looks like a lizard sunning itself on a rock. The Agein Rusayens are near the middle of the Narval Desert, to the south of The Oasis. These are the volcanoes that turned the once lush Shirk Valley into the wasteland it is today.   The words "Agein Rusayen" are the only remnants of a society long thought destroyed by the volcanoes. The inhabitants of the desert still use the name in honor of those who were lost.


When viewed from the right direction, they look like a large lizard sunning themselves on a rock. Agein literally translates to Lizard in Shirkyasti, the language of the Shirk.
Alternative Name(s)
Lizard Mountains
Mountain Range
Location under

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