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Henyalka'kita Emika ke Isteda

Physical Description

Body Features

She has the typical grey pallor of the Shirk species, but her bright red hair offsets the almost dead look her grey skin gives her.

Special abilities

Emika is a very powerful Obscurum wielder, one of the few who can perform necromancy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Emika was raised in the second highest class of Shirk culture, the sharsahu, or merchant class.


Since she is from the richest class of Shirk, besides the Priests and Priestesses, she had access to the best education Shirk'la could offer. Her father made sure she got all of the basics, plus a few extra classes in the skills a merchant would need.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Emika is the Shirk who finally reopened Shirk'la to the rest of the world. She is also able to perform the hardest Obscurum magic - she can raise the dead. The dead only come back as shades, and only exist as long as the user maintains the magic. Emika has only done this once, when her best friend Sarpedon was killed right in front of her.

Failures & Embarrassments

She ran away from Shirk'la when confronted with the fact that the High Priest and Priestess of Terra were lying to the entire city.

Mental Trauma

Seeing her best friend get killed haunts her, but at least she was able to say goodbye.

Intellectual Characteristics

Analytical, but very naive. She typically believes everyone is telling the truth when they talk to her. Her early life never gave her any reason to think otherwise.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She has a natural inclination towards math, especially any that pertains to money and accounting.

Vices & Personality flaws

She hesitates many times when she is supposed to act.


Contacts & Relations

Prior to learning her people were purposfully being opressed, her best friend was a High Priestess acolyte, Hyina.   Her father introduces Emika to his most profitable business partner, Sarpedon, who just so happens to be a Dragosaur. He encourages Emika to escape Shirk'la, and eventually also encourages her to reopen the underground city.

Family Ties

Emika is very close to her father since her mother died when she was young. She is an only child. In Shirk culture, the fathers marry into the mother's family. Emika's maternal grandparents both died before she was born, and she has never met her father's side of the family. She doesn't know the whole reason why, but she does know the reason he does not talk to his family has something to do with a not so great childhood.

Religious Views

Although most people around her buy into the tale of the Arch of Chalybs killed the Arch of Terra during the Great War, Emika doesn't quite believe the story. Something about the legend doesn't make sense.

Wealth & Financial state

Emika comes from a wealthy family, who belongs to the second highest class of Shirk society - the sharsahi, the merchants. While her father is not the wealthiest sharsahi, he is one of the most well known in all of Shirk'la. He travels all over the city, and Emika would always accompany him once she was old enough to start learning the trade.
Date of Birth
31st of Nocturnus, Year 451 of the Fifth Era
Year of Birth
1270 21 Years old
The kita section of Shirk'la
Waist length bright red hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale grey
Known Languages
  • Shiryasti 
  • Common

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