Neutron Weaver

A non-sentient species inhabiting the surface of Urgand, the Anagon neutron star.   Neutron Weavers are well known to be relatively small critters of the neutron star, however, neutron star life is already famously small. Anagons, who weigh about as much as a human, are just 0.2mm tall on average, leading Neutron Weavers to be too small for a human to see with the naked eye.   Neutron Weavers are also known to form hives out of a highly compact lattice of neutron QCD matter called neutronium crystal, in order to keep their predators away. This extremely strong compound can be woven with high precision allowing Neutron Weavers to build gaps small enough for weavers to fit while disallowing predators entry.   In fact, this material is so strong that the Anagon Technocracy has taken note of it and used it in various Anagon houses - and even starships as ship armour. It Is very strong because the material relies on the strong nuclear force rather than the electromagnetic force to remain stable, the former of which is far more powerful. Neutronium Crystal is named such because it is a dense lattice of neutrons - it is remiscient of the chemical structure of some crystals.   Even the Anagon race has had difficulty synthesizing it in their past. Due to this, they had to harvest neutronium crystal from neutron weavers themselves. As neutronium crystal became expensive, this has formed a highly lucrative industry. Of course, with sufficient technological advancements, they were recently able to create it in the laboratory, so the anagons might see a large industrial overhaul soon.

Basic Information


Neutron Weavers have a strong carapace protecting their relatively oval shaped main body. They also have a head extruding from the front as well as 6 legs, 3 on each side. Due to the immense gravitational force of the neutron star, these legs are extremely strong.

Genetics and Reproduction

However, neutron weavers dont cover their eggs with neutronium crystal because they would not hatch due to sheer strength. Instead, they place several into a large room with a door and allow them to hatch as a group.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Creating neutronium crystal also requires a lot of energy however. Neutron weavers tend to eat a lot of plant matter when they are active during the day. This includes most kinds of grass and leaves. Despite this, they actually hibernate during winter and leave construction purely to sumer.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As neutron weaver eyes are extremely small, they could only see UV radiation instead of visible light. They can also hear, especially since the atmosphere of a neutron star is extremely dense. They only have effective near field hearing , but they will know if anything approaches them.
Average Length
0.1 μm (100 nm)


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