Races of Theros

A diverse assortment of peoples dwell among the lands of Theros. Aside from Humans and Dragonborn, the races in the Player's Handbook are unknown on Theros.   This chapter provides information about the following Common playable races of Theros.   Humans on Theros are similar to those found on other D&D worlds: adaptable, ambitious, and wildly diverse.   Centaurs employ cunning and equine Strength to further the goals of the roaming Lagonna and Pheres bands.   Leonin are proud lion-like hunters, many of whom live in defiance of the gods.   Minotaurs are infamous for bloodthirstiness, a reputation even the most peaceful struggle to Escape.   Satyrs follow their passions in the pursuit of wild revels and new Adventures.   Tritons are an enigmatic, sea-dwelling people with an endless desire to explore.   Drakéides are a relatively new race discovered with the Draconids archipelago. They are a proud race of communalist perfectionist with the blood of dragon in their veins.   Owlin are also native to the Draconids archipelago and are a race of birdfolk, also called Aven living only to discover the mysteries of the world.

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