Drow Mercenary


A shadowy lieutenant from House Silverclaw, this man’s history is much like himself, shrouded in darkness and mystery. Sariff first came across Group 2 during their first night in Brightport. Approached beforehand by Graddik the Wanted, the group was visited by Sariff to inquire why they didn’t accept Graddik’s original proposal of stealing the Golden Dragon of Darksbane and to push them to accept it. He ultimately had them accept upon agreeing to pay a gratuitous amount of money, giving them a warning to not be caught. He gave them a hefty forward payment to ensure the task was done. His mission accomplished, Sariff faded into the shadows and returned to his house.  
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His next appearance is many weeks later, in the town of Esterholt. It is here that Sariff was planning to establish an expansion for House Silverclaw. Initially drawn to the city by a contract with Mayor Keller, Sariff decided it was more beneficial to break the contract and slowly take over the town’s criminal element. Through the use of the Dragonborn Marrash and the Silver Cloaks, Sariff was slowly expanding the seedy underworld of Esterholt, driving out mediocre criminals and those who might stand in his way. One such group was the Shield of Grace. The Shield was hired by Mayor Keller to help drive out the criminals from Esterholt. They succeeded in capturing Marrash, only to find out that Sariff was the mastermind behind everything. They came face-to-face with the Drow during negotiations for Marrash. The two parties, the Shield and Silverclaw, eventually came to an accord, brokered by Una Anheldana and Sariff, where the Shield would turn over Marrash and in return, be given their lives. Unbeknownst to the Shield, Fie Lar’va also agreed to the Shield entering into a contract with Silverclaw, where the Shield had the right to clean-up Esterholt but also had to follow Sariff’s orders when the time came. Sariff then proceeded to go into hiding around town, monitoring the group’s progress.   When the group left town for a brief time, Sariff murdered Mayor Keller and began his takeover of the town. His next target was the Temple of Kord, whose paladins were also the town guard. Later Una and her group returned to town, Julie from the temple confronted them and Sariff attempted to murder her in the mayhem. Before he could finish the deed, Craig Mason returned and chased Sariff from town but he eventually returned, helping Jadzia Grace deal with the criminal element in the city.


Sariff, despite being only a lieutenant in Silverclaw, has ambitions of higher positions. During his time in Esterholt, he deemed it necessary to break a contract when he saw the potential of expanding Silverclaw’s operations.   Due to his Drow heritage and history with Silverclaw, Sariff is a very crafty individual. He knows how to manipulate people and use them. However, his time with Silverclaw has made him see the benefits of diplomacy, instead of relying straight on stealth alone.  

Important Dates and Achievements

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Notable Moments

  • Sariff was very familiar with Una’s mother. So much so, that we learn later that he is her father
  • In Episode 114, we learn that he is also the father of Julie Fairway, making her Una's half-sister
  • After negotiating a shaky truce, Sariff became a negotiator for Esterholt's newest Mayor, Jadzia Grimnas-Grace

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 13
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