Christina Keller

Human Politician


Christina Keller was the young mayor of Esterholt, and she did not come into an easy position. A town where crime was not simply common place but the norm, almost no one was safe. Women and children simply disappeared from the roads during the night, and the one suspected of being the culprit was simply untouchable.   Other criminals came in and out of her town with ease, trading contraband and dealing with unscrupulous pastimes, Miss Keller had quite a lot on her plate,so when she came up with the idea of hiring outside means to control the crime in her city, she did not see the myriad of flaws that came with the plan.   Show spoiler
House Silverclaw offered their services, and Christina took them up on the offer. Only too quickly one of their own went rogue and began taking the problem into their own hands, killing to meet their ends. To combat this new problem, Christina Keller decided to take on the new group which offered their help, the Shield of Grace.   Though going forth with the best intentions, as more threads loosen on the tapestry that is Esterholt, many were beginning to believe that Miss Keller needed to step down and someone with a more competent plan take her place. She didn't get to peacefully leave office as Sariff murdered her sometime during the events of Episode 114.


Christina Keller has not been mayor long enough for the strain to show on her features. She has clear, beautiful olive skin and shocking green eyes. Her thick black hair flows freely as she looks over reports and tries to make sense of the many issues plaguing her city. She is often frowning, and not many are graced with her smile.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 74