Camp Icebreaker

Camp Icebreaker is a community for those who covet their privacy. Locked in the cold Northlands hidden behind the Ivory Peaks, this small village of sorts was developed from just a few cabins left behind by two mysterious brothers who, presumably, first built them.   In the time since Overdale became Overwatch and the city's borders expanded, many war fearing folks made their way north to escape the violence and settled at the camp. In that time, it has become a small community of hunters and travelers just trying to survive.  

Local Dangers

While the biggest danger is the near constant cold, not far to the north giant frost worms burst up from the ground, sometimes swallowing their victims whole.  

Notable Residents

Larry Dravick, Owner


The common cause of fleeing Overwatch keeps most people in line at the camp.
Approx. 150
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