Arc 1 - Episode #120


General Summary

As the party regroups after the orc fight, they rig makeshift carts to drag the bodies of their fallen friends to a safer place to bury them. Coal locates as safe a place as they can find near a river and after burying Evelynn and Eryn they settle in for the night.

In the morning, the group gets back on the road and the next few hours are uneventful until they near the river on the east end of the Dead Wood when they hear screaming and growling coming from the woods to the north. Coal and Sora move to investigate and find a hunter being attacked by wolves. They jump in to help and kill the wolves but not before the hunter is taken down and left bleeding and unconscious.

Coal and Sora try to revive the man but make no progress and carry him back to Eliwrath and Ingrid to see if they can help. They eventually manage to stabilize the man who they thought was dead, very shortly before they were going to bury him.

Deciding to press on to Donhurst, they all grab the man and carry him for hours into the night where they discover that Donhurst has locked their gates and the only reply to their knock is from a man behind them. He introduced himself as Roland, a White Raven camped nearby. He invites them back to the camp where another Raven tends to the near-dead hunter.

The party talks to Roland and Shanallah and prepares to continue their journey to Lochfort in the morning.


  • Roland
  • Shanallah

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Release date: 22 Jun 2015 - Download the Episode

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22 Jun 2015