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Dred Draught

Dred Draught is a unique liquor that is produced only in Vega Dred, Kezig. Although others in Vega Dred produce the liquor, the most famous (and many would say best Dred Draught is produced at the Dred Distillery, where it's said it was originally created.   Dred Draught is consumed either from a small bottle directly or it's poured into a glass from a rather large, communal bottle.  
Kaz took a huge swig of Dred Draught and immediately coughed and almost heaved. He had thought, being a native Kezen, that the famous draught would have little effect on him; instead, he found the burning liquor to be quite unpleasant. The taste wasn't terrible: it was mostly earthy, with a sweet undertone Kaz couldn't quite place. But the burning was almost intolerable, and without thinking, Kaz took another swig just to quell the burning of the first. He was pleasantly surprised when it did. In fact, Kaz was more than willing to take another, and it was only when he looked up and saw two of Nina that he knew he should have heeded the warnings of those around him and perhaps skipped the Dred Draught.


Dred Draught can vary by taste, alcoholic content, and appearance. The most famous Dred Draught is quite earthy in flavor, highly alcoholic, and a deep red. However, there are variations that are sweet that are meant to be consumed with dessert, while there are some that are meant to be consumed warmed or on ice. Holiday variations are also common.

Manufacturing process

Like the ingredients, the production process is secret. On tours, the Dred Distillery states that from conception to bottling, the process takes about a year.


The first mention of Dred Draught is several centuries old; it started being produced in its current form by the Dred Distillery some 400 years. Because it's beloved by many, the original Dred Draught by the Dred Distillery has not (supposedly) changed its recipe since its inception. While variations are tolerated, there would be a not insignificant amount of the population that would possibly riot if their beloved Dred Draught was changed. (About two hundred years ago, the Dred Distillery did try to change the original recipe...for about a week. A riot took place outside the distillery, and a change has not been attempted again.)


Dred Draught is famous all over Thenia; it is tremendously alcoholic, and a typical start to a story of mischief or tomfoolery starts with, "Well, I was drinking Dred Draught and..."   Dred Draught is one of the most popular alcohols in Thenia, and any bar in Kezig that doesn't serve it is quickly abandoned. Even otuside of Kezig, many Thenians like to see Dred Draught on the menu, even if it does come from a city they dislike.  

Only at Dred Distillery!

Two bottles of original Dred Draught for the price of one, for a limited time only! Don't let Hexenight pass you by without giving the gift of the draught!

Want something more sweet? Fangstrife Draught will be released on 35 Orphica for two months only!

Want to include the kids in your celebration? Non-alcoholic draught available, in a wide range of flavors.

--Typical Dred Distillery advertisement
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Dred Draught is commonplace; while some variations are more difficult to acquire than others, every Kezen could purchase Dred Draught in Kezen bars and pubs, and even non-Kezens can almost always expect to find it on the menu as well.
Base Price
Can vary from very cheap to very expensive
Raw materials & Components
The exact ingredients of the Dred Draught are kept under wraps by those that produce it; non-Vegans want the only Dred Draught to come from their city. It's said that the Dred Distillery uses some 20-odd ingredients in their concotion.

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