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The lord of Madness

The being known as Yfnar is a deity of madness, chaos, and discord. His sole purpose is to sow confusion, drive people insane, and prevent any organized structure from forming. He denounces all laws and rules, viewing them as feeble attempts to install order where it doesn't belong. Though he has never fully succeeded in his vision, his influence has had a profound effect on the world, causing many rulers to go mad and preventing the establishment of grand organizations and institutions.  Yfnar's powers even extend to the mortal realm, where he can project himself into people's dreams and thoughts, furthering his goal of causing mayhem and disorder.   His realm, known as the Krym, is a vast maze filled with deadly traps and strange, otherworldly beings lurking around every corner. Yfnar himself is shapeless and can change form at will, often taking on the appearance of whatever the observer expects to see, all in an effort to further confuse and disorient those who dare to enter his realm.


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