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Low Orcs, Orcs, Orks, and Half-Orcs

Orcs, the porcine, green-skinned, primitive, tribal brutes that are the bane of the civilized lands of the 'noble' races, such as Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Zamberians, and Aragonians, are far more varied than most common people know. What IS well known is that Orcs are a 'Goblinoid' race, a family that includes Hobgoblins, Bugbears, and, of course, Goblins. However, Orc's numerous variations manifest themselves in the sub- and sister-races, from the bestial 'Low Orc', which is little more than a caveman-like brute that wields clubs and raids farmsteads, to the magi-technologically advanced Orks, and everything in between.   Millennia of 'survival of the strongest' breeding, inter-breeding with other races, magical experimentation, deific curses (and boons), other-planar versions, and even visitations from beyond the stars, have splintered what we call an 'orc' into a few distinct subraces/ethnicities, which are described in the 'Genetic Descendants' section to the right.
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