Mr Liadon

General Summary

After putting Annallee Dorkas in charge of the refugees, they went back to Ulthuan and went to the Sky Forge.

At the Forge, the guards let them in and escort them to Flardrynn Liadon. When they enter the room, they see an old balding elf standing at the other side of the room, and he sees them. Angrily he starts walking towards them, looking intently at Ronan and William saying that theire not welcome here.

Phinux, Ronan and William fear the old man and they try to defend themselves. They throw up a wall of fire, but the man just walks through it as if it isn't even there. Eventually Raeflynn gets through to him and calms him down, sending William en Ronan out of the room. They comply and wait out in the hallway.

Flardrynn talks with his doughter and tels her that he doesn't want her to hang out with such vile creatures such as Chromatic Dragons (even half dragons). She explains that they aren't actual half black dragons, but that they killed a black dragon and took its power. Flardrynn explains that he still doesn't trust them as such a ritual has to have some effect on their minds but after William casts a ritual to turn them back to they alignment they had before the ritual, Mr Liadon eased and explained that he wasn't actually who he appears to be.

He tels her about the fact that he is a steel dragon and that he is at the end of his life but still hasn't found his soul bound to distribute his treasure and asks her if she would fulfill this important task. She humbly accepts this task and they agree to go with him to his hoard. Unfortunately Mr Liadon tels them that he cannot go through The Ways so they have to go by ship.


3025-09-01 - 3025-10-10
Report Date
15 Jun 2020


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