Exploring The Ways

General Summary

Phinux told the rest of the party about The Ways, and William whom had become quite close with the Guards suggested that they could go together to where the book describes the gate would be. They set off and encounter and defeated a pack (Raeflynn took the armor from one of the enemies for it had some sort of protection against magic). William found that these creatures left a noticeable stench he could detect with his skills as a paladin.   They followed it all the way back to a forest and with the help of Doggo they managed to find the Gate. It was still opened and they could watch inside or rather see tha black void that appeared to be behind the gate. For some reason, Atra felt it calling to her and she ran through the open gate that shut right behind her.   Phinux opened the door again using the technique that she read in the book and they carefully went through the gate, trying it out with the rat first. Everything seemed to be safe, but inside they could not see anything more than 20 feet around them. They continued following William taking rights and lefts, sometimes going straight and ended up at another door that was standing open. Ronan stepped out (to see where they where) and the door closed. He used that time to go around a corner and waited for 10 minutes. He than came back, opened the gate and showed the items he "found" (from his "late night shopping" in Eversprings). They closed the gate behind them and decided to continue exploring The Ways checking what else is out there.


Report Date
04 Jun 2020


Moderate (15°C - 23°C)
Wind Force
Moderate (30 kph)
Moderate Wind
A steady wind with a 50% chance of extinguishing candles, torches, and similar unprotected flames.


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