Ayram Alusìng

The floating rocks of Ayram Alusìng form a perfect base for many archeologists and explorers because it can move from place to place.


Once every four weeks on Wonday, a meeting is held where all occupants can bring up issues for discussion and make dicisions that effect the occupants, such as voting to fly to a different place or a call for funding to improve the settlement. Minerva Andellian is the chairman of these meetings. She does not get a vote but she does break a tie if there is one.

Industry & Trade

The main export is magic items and art as those are often found in the ruins and dig sites.


As the settlement floats in the air, there is a pully system to hoist a cart up and down from the main rock. It has already been brought up in the General Assembly that a different system should be implemented as it is quite dangerous when it is windy. Some suggestion where made but none feasable as all where too expensive to implement right now.

Natural Resources

The rocks have a rich soil surface that can easily be used to grow crops but no farms have been created yet.

New Buildings



DecorationConstruction CostConstruction Time
Small Fountain200gp10 days
Medium Fountain1,000gp20 days
Large Fountain5,000gp60 days
Statue 1x (stone - steel - bronze - gold)600gp - 3,000gp - 6,000gp - 30,000gp20 days
Statue 3x (stone - steel - bronze - gold)2,000gp - 10,000gp - 20,000gp - 100,000gp60 days
Statue 10x (stone - steel - bronze - gold)10,000gp - 50,000gp - 100,000gp - 500,000gp150 days
Statue 50x (stone - steel - bronze - gold)100,000gp - 500,000gp - 1,000,000gp - 5,000,000gp400 days


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