Uncovering a plot against Ayram

General Summary

Sitting in the Meaty Oger, enjoying a good meal, for no apparent reason, Tron walked over to a different table and when one of the cloaked figures on that table stood up and walked towards the exit, he tried to block the way but the cloaked figure managed to slip past him and ran out the doors. Tron and Barbara ran after her and I decided to go with them. She tried to climb off the rock with a rope attached to a grappling hook that was hanging over the edge, but Barbara managed to pull her up by reeling in the rope. We went back to the inn and confronted the second hooded figure, he tried to slip out the back but Tron caught him and they set down at the table again. The guy pretended to be a wimpy weak victim that had done nothing but just draw a simple map and it wasn't until we brought him to Minerva Andellian before we found out that he was sinister and creepy and definitely did not have any remorse for what he did. We locked them in the stables and warded the door to make sure that they wouldn't get out. Minerva decided to call for an emergency assembly in order to decide what to do with the traitor and the goblin.   We spread the word about the emergency meeting while Minerva prepared and during the meeting, we voted to exile the traiter and the goblin. Minerva set off with a small delegation to negociate with the goblins. The next normally scheduled assembly we discussed some form of law enforcement and decided on appointing Erdan Greenleaf as Sheriff and Erias Aedaire and Felosial Caphaxath as Deputies. We also voted to move Ayram Alusìng west of the river to discurage the goblins from attacking (we offered to stay down in the swamp to wait for the Gothmog Family that is currently still out).

Character(s) interacted with

First interaction with Minerva and first time to participate in the General Assembly.


Geralds Log
Day 18 - 22
Report Date
03 Apr 2021
Primary Location


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