Finding the Eyes of Sun Wukong

General Summary

Dear diary, We set off to find the temple of Balthasar the Cruel located somewhere in the Marches of Madness. Lizanha suggested that we could best follow the river instead of risking a potentionally fruitfull encounter with the locals. We brought enough rations to last us for 8 days if we couldn't forrage any food in the swamps. As it turns out, it was a lot easyer than expected and after 7 days of travel we encountered three Bullywugs. Even though they where a bit skittish and didn't speak common, they did end up sharing the location of the temple we where looking for in exchange for some of Lizanhas bugs (I don't get those gross creatures eating bugs and other animals). That night however, they attacked us even though we did nothing to them to provoke such a heinous act of violance.   I saw that the weird machene thingy (it insists I call it Tron, but than again, it also insists it is a person and I can clearly see that he it isn't) try to shoot at the bullywug, but instead hit Barbara in the back. I suggested to Mira that it might be better to turn the machene off again as it was helping the bullywug more than us. I think it heared me because it seems "angry" if it can feel something like that. Anyway, after that Barbara just outright killed one of those bullywug with a single strike of her axe and I was like WOW... than some more fighting and me trying to give some usefull tips, out of nowhere Erias Aedaire Erias Aedaire jumped on my shoulders and onto one of the bullywug in front of me and Mira and just totally killed it. That was really epic, and I like to think that I helped, in fact I'm pretty sure that she couldn't have done it without me.   So after we defeated them, we continued and the next day we got to the ruins of the temple. You might not beleave this, but the one whom actually found the ruins was Tron. Yes, he just fell over a stone sticking out of the mud. Lizanha talked with it a bit about "if this rock is here, than it probably was a temple because blah, blah, blah...". After a while they did find the entrance to some stairs leading down into the ground but I think that it was just as much luck as knowledge. Lizanha and the machene went down as they didn't have to breath and after a few minutes they came back telling us that we could also join as there was breathable air after just swimming for about a minute. The rest didn't seem to be to worried holding their breath for more than a minute, so I also didn't want to be that person that complains about everything. We went in and guess what: there is a barrier that didn't let me through, and when I tried again, it shocked me and as I didn't have any more air left I started to panic, but the others actually reached throug the portal and pulled me through. The darn thing zapped me again and I passed out so I'm not quite sure what happened but I am increadibly greatful that they didn't just leave me there as my last crew had done.   So when I came by, they told me that we where too late and others had already cleaned out the place. A pity as we could have realy used the money to invest in some better living quarters because it is just squalid. But at least it wasn't a complete waist of time as Lizanhas pet Niffler had found a hidden panel in the wall behind which was an idol of a monkey with red ruby eyes. And a few gold and platinum pieces.   The way back went without any troubles and all with all it went better than expected. Back in Ayram Alusìng I started writing about my findings to send it to the Bel Aliad Library. The following week, Barbara was working for some people whom needed reparations on their clothes, Lizanha created and sold some spell scrolls, Erias worked in the inn and made some friends, Mira tried to convince people to help fund her efforts to create a small chapel and the machine tried to make smaller machines.

Rewards Granted


  • Golden statue of Sun Wukong with perfect clear ruby eyes


  • 30 Platinum Pieces
  • 10 Gold Pieces
  • 16 Copper Pieces

Missions/Quests Completed

Finding eyes for Tron .

Character(s) interacted with

They met and negociated with a few bullywugs, but they also killed them that night as the bullywugs tried to kill them in their sleep.


5 sets of rations (30 total) have been consumed during their trip.


Geralds Log
Day 1 - 17
Report Date
22 Mar 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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