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Triad Revelation

At the heart of the Church of the Holy Triad lies a profound belief known as the Triad Revelation. This sacred doctrine forms the bedrock of their faith, shaping the beliefs and aspirations of the Triadists. The Triad Revelation holds that the world itself was once a unified entity, born from the divine essence of Trionis, the original deity embodying the three aspects of earth, sea, and sky. According to this sacred belief, through the reunification of Trionis, all creation shall be restored to a state of eternal unity with the divine.

Alenor's revelation

The genesis of the Triad Revelation is often attributed to Aleron Veridian, the founding figure of the Trionis Cult. During the tumultuous era of The Great Collapse, Aleron experienced a profound revelation that reshaped the course of his life and the destiny of the Umbrasol Basin. It is said that through divine inspiration, Aleron glimpsed the ancient past, witnessing Trionis as an indivisible entity, embodying the harmony of earth, sea, and sky in perfect unison. This sacred vision formed the foundation of the Triad Revelation.

Church of the holy triad

The Church of the Holy Triad, born from Aleron's teachings, is a beacon of hope to the people of the Umbrasol Basin. Guided by the Triad Revelation, the church seeks to bring about the resurrection of Trionis, the primordial deity of unity. Throughout the ages, the church has thrived as a bastion of faith, its followers known as Triadists. They venerate Trionis, the divine origin of all existence, and are devoted to the quest for reunification, aspiring to live eternally united with their deity.

Quest for resurrection

The central tenet of the Triad Revelation centers on the ultimate quest for the resurrection of Trionis. The Church of the Holy Triad believes that by piecing together the divine aspects of earth, sea, and sky, they can reform Trionis and restore the world to its original state of divine unity. This grand endeavor drives the Triadists to explore the deepest mysteries of the Umbrasol Basin, delving into the wilderness, seeking ancient artifacts, and uncovering forgotten lore in the hopes of unraveling the divine secrets.
The quest for resurrection is not merely a spiritual undertaking but a profound mission that influences the church's actions in the world. It shapes their alliances, their pursuits, and their interactions with the city-states of the basin. The Triadists see themselves as the caretakers of creation, holding the key to its restoration through the reformation of their deity.
As the ages pass and the Umbrasol Basin continues to thrive, the Triad Revelation remains a cornerstone of the Church of the Holy Triad, driving the faith of its followers and inspiring them to walk the path of divine unity. In their hearts burns the eternal hope of reuniting with the divine essence of Trionis, a union that they believe will bring everlasting harmony and completeness to the world they call home.


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