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The Dusken Shrouds of Dawnlight

Within the clandestine corridors of the Church of the Holy Triad, a secretive organization known as the Dusken Shrouds of Dawnlight operates in the shadows. Tasked with a crucial and solemn duty, they guard the most closely held secrets of the church, including the knowledge of Skoltar's infernal pact. Their unwavering commitment to preserving the church's integrity has made them essential guardians of its ancient mysteries.


The Dusken Shrouds of Dawnlight are a highly selective and exclusive group within the church. Their numbers are small, and their existence is known only to a few trusted leaders at the highest echelons of the clergy. They operate independently and report directly to the Thrice Blessed Servant.
Each member of the organization is chosen from the most devout and dedicated Triadists, individuals whose loyalty to the church is unquestionable. Potential recruits undergo a rigorous and discreet vetting process, designed to ensure their unwavering commitment to the church's principles and their resilience in safeguarding the forbidden knowledge.


The Dusken Shrouds of Dawnlight came into existence shortly after the Shattering of Unity, a turbulent period in the church's history when Skoltar's dark secrets were revealed. In the aftermath of this event, it became apparent that the knowledge of his infernal pact must never be allowed to fall into the wrong hands, not even among the church's own leadership.
The most venerable Triadists recognized the need for an organization dedicated solely to guarding this knowledge. Thus, the Dusken Shrouds were formed with the intent to protect the church from internal strife, ensuring that the knowledge of Skoltar's pact remained concealed from all, while simultaneously preserving the faith's unity and authority.


The primary purpose of the Dusken Shrouds of Dawnlight is to maintain the church's stability and prevent any further divisions that might result from the revelation of Skoltar's infernal pact. Their sacred duty is to safeguard the church from internal turmoil and protect it from external threats, including those who might seek to exploit this forbidden knowledge for their own gain.
Through their careful monitoring and discreet actions, the Dusken Shrouds ensure that the truth behind Skoltar's fall remains hidden from the general population and even most members of the clergy. Their mission is one of utmost devotion to the Triad and the preservation of the church's sacred teachings.
As the centuries pass, the Dusken Shrouds of Dawnlight continue to serve the church with unyielding loyalty and selflessness, standing as silent guardians of the faith's darkest secrets, ensuring that the Church of the Holy Triad remains an unshakable bastion of civilization in the ever-changing lands of the Umbrasol Basin.


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