Kyo Akashi

Deity of Passion

Written by Kitashi

I came from the confines of the cosmos and i observed you mortals. I saw anarchy and disorder. I wonder why you rely on plots, secrets and luck because it's madness. It's time to show you the way of passion.
My passion turns into fire and neither time or water can extinguish it. My will is creation, my anger is destruction. I am the storm that engulfs your darkness. My shadow permeates your dreams like a dragon in a fairy tail.
Follow my lead mortals, for I am Kyo, Deity of Passion.
— Words spoken by Kyo during her resurrection
  Kyo, from the Akashi clan, is the most powerful of the 16 Deities of Creation, supreme beings lead by The Black Hand.   Before being a deity of creation, she was a passionate expert in elemental magic and alchemy. She is also an adviser to The Black Hand since the founding of the Xiantia Empire.  

An Akashi girl

  Like all the children of the Akashi clan, Kyo was brilliant and talented. Her parents had high hopes for her. Her young sister, Toga, was just as promising, except that she was less studious. Their childhood comes down to a daily life based on discipline and learning combining theory and practice.   The Akashi Clan is composed of specialists in elemental magic alchemy. It is known to be a respectable and admirable human clan. Their members have always been respectful even in the darkest hours of their history.   While Kyo showed ever more satisfactory results, Toga was diagnosed with psychological disorders, probably due to her more...severe education. The two sisters were separated from each other to prevent Toga from "contaminating" her older sister.   One day, a little after Kyo's 16th birthday, a strange man arrived on the Akashi estate. He came to make research on elemental magic and thought that the Akashis were best placed to help him on this domain. Kyo recognized him because he was everyone's topic of conversation right now. He was accompanied by a young teenager, Anna, his apprentice.   What Kyo did not know was that this man had killed his father the day before, on the battlefield between The Congregation of Shadow to their Homeland, the Theocracy of Homeca. Later, she will learn that her father had entrusted his family to this man.   After introducing himself as the Black Hand, he calmly explained the current political situation to him to come to the painful subject: the death of his father. But he did not let hatred take over Kyo and went directly to another subject. Anna was going to be Kyo's apprentice. Because of the conflict, the Black Hand could not stay. So it was Anna who was going to learn elemental magic instead of him.   But Kyo obviously began to be distant with Anna. As she moved away from her, Kyo was getting closer to her sister. Pushed by her mother, Kyo was forced to lecture Anna. She was still supposed to learn elemental magic, hence her presence.   With time, both began to appreciate each other and a real relationship was created. Several years passed, and while Anna began to master the basics of elemental magic, Kyo developed feelings. Unfortunately, the closeness between her two made Toga jealous, and she murdered Anna.   Kyo arrived a few moments too late to save her sweetheart. And while she was crying, Toga, in a sudden rage, killed her sister too before fleeing. She was 22.   The Black Hand attended the Kyo's funerals, but with projects in mind.
No, I forbid you to die. Wake up and reborn.
You fell as a mortal, my friend. But you will soon rise as a god.
— The Black Hand
  As the Kyo's pyre burned, the flames rose suddenly and as everyone moved back, a figure stepped forward. A Kitsune with two tails emerged from the flames. Kyo was reborn.  

A new Deity

  Kyo became the deity of Passion, Love and Hate. And, as a Deity of Creation, she became a Black Hand follower and adviser. She gained so much power that she burned everything she touched. It took him a whole year to take charge of her new abilities.   Still affected by Anna's death, she went in search of her sister for revenge. Thanks to the information of the Black Hand, she ends up finding her. But Toga managed to escape, not long because Kyo was following her closely. A fierce battle followed, and Toga was badly injured. At that moment, Kyo hesitated, she had often thought of forgiving her sister because it was jealousy that drove her to the act. But Toga did not hear it like that. Hardly, she made incoherent remarks and tried in vain to hurt Kyo.   Kyo then remembered her sister's mental troubles and it was in a flash of pity that she burned her alive.   Today, she works with 15 other Deities of Creation under the guidance of the Black Hand and still studies alchemy and elemental magic. What has changed is that she is more frivolous and thinks especially about sharing her flames of passion.
Year of Birth
13870 A.F. 129 Years old
Quotes & Catchphrases
Sorry, I let myself be carried away in the heat of passion.
Aligned Organization


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