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Azarketi: The children of the deep.

  Deep beneath the waves of the Atlan sea lies the city of Azatla, A metropolis of underwater civilizations run by a mysterious race of aquatic humans called the Azarketi. They are a solitary race with little desire to deal with outsiders, instead prefering to focus their attentions under the waters.

Basic Information


Male Deep Azarketi
Female Deep Azarketi
  Azarketi are very human seeming except for their lack of hair and their colorful skin tones, representing any pattern that can be found under the water. The Azarketi are all amphibious and are able to breath both on land and in water, though they tend to "dry out" when on land for too long.

Biological Traits

As an aquatic species they have a number of adaptations to make life below the waves easier. Swim bladders, gills, bones more resistant to pressure and boluminescent markings have all been documented.

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce in a fairly standard mammalian way, they have children in groups of two, and can bear one set of twins per year from age of maturity to late adulthood.

Growth Rate & Stages

Azarketi grow and seem to have the same stages of life as a human. They are able to swim as early as 2 weeks however.

Ecology and Habitats

The Azarketi are a primarily aquatic species, they appear above the waves occasionally in the ports of Pentagramma and Banai but they have not been heard of making inroads on the mainland in any real way. Instead they prefer to stay in their small empire in Atlan, there with the other rare and undiscovered aquatic species they have a world all their own.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Azarketi are omnivores, and have cuisine based largely on fermentation to "cook" their food. To that end Azarketi are often fond of pickles when in above-water settlements.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Socially they are organized into a large empire with reagents managing individual aquatic territories. In those territories are several Fiefdoms organized around natural geological features such as reefs, shelfs and underwater volcanoes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Azarketi are almost entirely distributed through the seas and oceans of the world. With regard to Erryt this means that they are primarily found in the Atlan but have been seen in the other seas as well.

Average Intelligence

Azarketi are an inteiilgent and cunning species and are quite shrewd. They are often considered the most dangerous intellects under the water.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Azarketi are posessed of increased vision allowing them to see clearly underwater. They are also able to speak clearly underwater through special vocal chords and evolved chambers in their skulls.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Though it is not well documented outside of very small groups of Azarketi, they are in a symbiotic relationship with the abberant Algouthu giant psychic Aquanids that have used the Aazarketi as pawns for eons.

Civilization and Culture


Originally the Azarketi were the ancient city of Atlantis. In the first age they made deals with the Aquatic species the Algolthu. These deals led to great technology and advancement until they were mysteriously wiped out, almost to a creature. The Algolthu retreated to the depth of the Oceans, hiding through the Second age, and only emerging after several thousands of years to find the world in the Third Age. 
The Azarketi have largely lost the story of the original Atlanteans, and instead believe that they were evolved from humans taken as slaves by the Algolthu who gained their liberation. A very small few know that this narrative was crafted to allow the larger Azarketi civilization to work in the upper seas for their Algolthu masters.

Historical Figures

Little is known about their historical figures, but it's clear that they have never produced a paragon, whatever reason this has is still a mystery to those above the waves, even scholars of the great cycle of balance.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

In dealings with other Aquatic civilizations they are shrewd conquerors and maintain their empire, comprised of all the other aquatic races they've found and subjugated. They are moderately less agressive on land, but so few decide to go ashore that it's rarely ever an issue.
  Believed to just be terse, they are often hiding a true intention when they come above the water, but they pay well, in gold and other things salvaged from the undersea realm.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
80 years
Average Height
Average Weight
The average weight of an Azarketi varries greatly with their specific adaptations.
Average Physique
A lifetime spent swimming means that most Aazarketi are in incredibly good shape.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their body colors can range from white to jet black and with every single color and pattern found in natural fish. The large number of minerals they ingest allows them to display a wide range of skin pigmentation.
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Good job tackling an intelligent species in such detail during SC.   Living in the depths how sensitive are they to bright lights and sunburn?   And how recently did they get "discovered" or (re)establish relations with the surface world?

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