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Yorkett is the country that was spun out of Greater Yorkett during The Fracturing of the Shards when The United Shard succeeded from the former country. They make up all lands east of The Divid Mountains The people of the country are incredibly varied as is their landscapes. Their population is almost greater than double that of The United Shard.   The people of Yorkett had come to fundamentally oppose Low Magic Crystals in the years following its discovery for some of the reasons outlined in High Magic & Low Magic. Leading up to The Fracturing of the Shards their politicians had put sanctions on the mining and refining of Low Magic Crystals until they had managed to formally ban it, leading to the succession of The United Shard.   The resulting war was fought by Yorkett as they believed that The United Shard had no right to succeed, and went to war to try to united the two new countries back to its former self of Greater Yorkett.    Once the war had begun, Yorkett had a difficult time. They did not have a standing army and it took them a while to mobilize one, giving The United Shard the same leeway. Originally the leaders believed they would be able to win the war swiftly, as they had a great imbalance in numbers of warriors, mages, and healers they could pull upon given their greater population, however, they quickly realized that was not the case, as The United Shard was able to create materials of war from Low Magic Crystals. This advantage led to them slowly losing grounds on land and sea until the Third Massacres of the Mines occurred, and Yorkett could once again gain significant lands.
Geopolitical, Country

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