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The United Shard

The United Shard is the newly formed country created by the actions taken during The Fracturing of the Shards when it succeeded from Greater Yorkett resulting in war with Yorkett to remain independent.   The United Shard as it currently stands is made up of 5 shards and 2 territories. The shards being Bollothglade The Shadowed Canyons Great Hawk Willachi and Aprimilla. The two territories being Capital Shard and Southern Territory .   The country itself is made up of all lands west of The Divid Mountains and has a very diverse population and landscape. However population of The United Shard is less than half of that of Yorkett. Geographically the continent of Greater Yorkett is located on the southern hemisphere, so in generally the further south you go, the colder the climate and the opposite is true of going north.

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