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Massacres of the Mines

The Massacres of the Mines are three separate events all involving bloodshed at the low crystal mines.   The first Massacre of the Mines occurred on September 21st, 734. Low Magic Crystals had been discovered in The Shadowed Canyons six years earlier and in that time more and more people moved close to start mining operations. A local tribe named the White Orcs, so named for their white ancestral tattoos blazed across their dark grey skins, considered the mine and the surrounding lands sacred. At first, as people moved into the area they allowed them to stay as they were not looking to cause issues, but once the large mining operations started the tribe and their allies came through the mines slaughtering anyone near indiscriminately. Due to the close position of Ravinton the government was able to quickly send a large force that wiped out the tribe to the last member.     The Second Massacre of the Mines took place on December 17th, 744 in what is now The Southern Territory. For many ages an order of monks were the sole people living in The Inagi Wastes. They were hostile to anyone who dared come across their lands. In 744 Low Magic Crystals were discovered near their territory, but this remained hidden from the order. When larger numbers came to start formally mining in the area it became known to the monks who systematically killed every person who tried to do so. After the first slaughter, many small forces came to try and reclaim the mines but were unsuccessful. This was until the military using newly built train routes into the territory sent in an overwhelming force that took the lives of all known people in the village, creating the second massacre.      The Third Massacre of the Mines was an event caused by The Exiled Outlaws. On August 8th, 764 the gang out outlaws went to the mines in The Shadowed Canyons and murdered the vast majority of people within and surrounding the mines. Their motives for doing so are not yet known. The result of this bloodshed is that the war effort had been set back dramatically. Low Magic Crystal production halted and both the army and navy had to retreat on many fronts.      While not formally a Massacre of the Mines, the actions taken in Aprimilla are often spoken in the same breath. After the agreement that brought in the shard into The United Shard had been ratified, many of the tribes within Aprimilla still opposed the actions that the military would take upon their lands. However, per the agreement, the military was able to remove the problems if they fought on their agreed-upon lands. This resulted in violent battles and much bloodshed of the native.     All of these events are generally regarded when dissenting opinions of The United Shard come to light. The first two and the actions that were taken in Aprimilla as examples of the military not regarding life if it is in their path. And the third of people rising up against that oppression.
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