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Greater Yorkett

Greater Yorkett is the name of the Continent in which both Guide to The United Shard and Yorkett exist. It is also the name of the former country that both of these new nations were once apart of.   The name Yorkett comes from the original druid name for the land meaning bountiful lands. Originally it was these druids that inhabited the lands until The Outside Powers began colonizing it in 256. By the early 400s, the settlers had decided they no longer wanted to be under The Outside Powers rule and began a war for independence. This came to a head during The Battle of Rougeford on April 4th, 419 when shortly afterward the settlers had forged their new nation of Greater Yorkett.   The country remained peaceful for the vast majority of their existence until Low Magic Crystals were discovered in The Shadowed Canyons in 728 which eventually developed into The Fracturing of the Shards on July 16th, 760. The resulting war would mean that Greater Yorkett was a country no longer. In it's absence was The United Shard who fought for their independence, and Yorkett who fought to unite once again back into Grater Yorkett.

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