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Wanted: Grendal the Horse Thief

Help Wanted

I, Miss Moro the Magnificent Mage, need your help. My palfrey horse, Doire, has been stolen. A tan coloured friendly horse who loves apples, was took during the night of 17th January 801. I will pay handsomely.   Last seen at the local stables of Eschbach, I believe that Doire was took by a being called Grendal. A nasty, if smarter than usual, troll if ever there was one, and I prefer to have a ranger or tracker to hunt her down. Any help, though, would be good.   I can be contacted through any of the bar staff in Eschbach, or the Burgeaters. The militia in Aachen or Salzburg can be used for contact too. I am willing to pay handsomely and may be able to come to some other suitable payment scheme.   This is backed by the Crown of Frankia, and as a guest of our nation, Court & Tower of Emon Kanis. Officials have recorded the details of this official warrant. This 'troll' is a potential threat to our cavalry & trade on top of to individuals such as this. The Crown will match the payment.   Further information has been discovered that this Grendal was seen heading west after the theft, and likely making her way in the direction of Orleans. only by the return of the horse called Doire or the fact that it is deceased, and/or remains of Grendal will only serve to allow payment to be released. Any falsehoods will result in a fine, dungeon time, and/or forced labour for a set amount and/or period. The judgement will fall under the closest court, and the possible use of Divination to work out the truth.


The return of a horse, and the capture of a horse thief.

Document Structure


As a document backed by the Crown due to the potential damage to cavalry units by Grendal, only the actual remains of Grendal will suffice. Also, the horse called Doire needs to be returned or it's whereabouts if it is deceased. It's likely the Crown and/or Miss Moro will use Divination to work out the truth of the remains.


Any fraud carried out by any individuals will result in a sentence of fines, time in a dungeon, or forced labour. In the case of repeat fraudsters, it may result in more severe punishments.

Legal status

It is backed by the Crown, and any criminal fraud will result in punishment.
"Might take up. A bit of extra coin never hurts. Just need a bit of time off guarding the town."   One Burgeater to another.
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