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Theft of Faith

The heroes are called in after a couple of thefts from Aachen's cathedral & synagogue. An investigation needs to take place and with Aachen near the front lines, something like this needs to be solved for morale purposes.

Plot points/Scenes

The heroes are called by Count de Ath, who wants them to find the a piece of the true cross and a unique copy of the Torah. They were stolen from the local cathedral & synagogue. A blade of a knife was stuck in the cabinet that the Torah was stored in. It happened during the night about 3am. Both thieves seemed to come up & down from the sewers under the temples.   The blade if examined looks like it was attached to a bag or pouch, like those used by the Bladed Pouch. If the areas are examined, there is slight leaves & twigs remaining. If the sewers are examined there is the same leading to the west and external exit. There tracks can be found leading into the forest in the south west. Someone with superior tracking skills in the wild improves the time of finding the camp.   After a while, the heroes stumble on a temporary camp. It seems to be still in use and the inhabitants are likely to jump the heroes. Three thieves of the Bladed Pouch jump out. A fight is almost guaranteed and creates a bit of noise. This will lead to the possibility of an Owlbear rushing into the camp and the relevant characters can pick up it's trail to it's own camp. There is a Wood Elf's body and a set of 12 arrows all of which is +1 weapons.   Upon examining the camp they will find the items and the equivalent of 6 gold in hack silver. There is a journal where the heroes can find a couple of small entries of note. One explains that the thieves are keeping an eye 'the Tabaxi' and his companions. They were awaiting instruction to 'activate the Tabaxi'. Also, they were to move after the thefts to go to the west when possible to help find the grave in the south western border region of Brittany.   Each thief also has a single use vial of poison.  
There is a 25% chance that they are interrupted by a group of Wood Elves and a few Celts. They will ask if the heroes seen a Wood Elf. This is the Wood Elf at the Owlbear's camp. If informed they heroes are thanked and will help sometime if needed in the future.   When the heroes return to Aachen with the items they are given a single use vial of holy water each that can cause 1d6 radiant damage to Undead or Fiends. This can be used on weapons to add this to weapons. Also, they are given a favour by the Jewish community that can be called in at any time, and as long as it is reasonable according to need.
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