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The Giant That Took Root

The myth of the Giant That Took Root stretches back over 1500 years. Found in small enclaves of minor Christian & Jewish off-shoots throughout the Middle East, it tells the story of a Nephilim that incurred the wrath of an Archangel and suffered a gruesome fate. A Nephilim is a Giant born of a human woman & one of the Angelic Watchers, and in this case he had the name Wilden (Aramaic name meaning Willow Valley).


According to a little known text, a Nephilim by the name of Wilden lived in a small wooded valley the Levant region near the Jordan River. He preferred the solitude of this small valley and generally was known for scaring off any creatures that trespassed the valley. Those that persisted in entering the valley for timber he would hunt down and kill leaving the bodies as warnings to others not to bother him.   Many neighbouring areas had a set of trade routes going through it, and the timber that could be extracted there was well worth the risk. This led many sapient species to settle along the Jordan River & the trade routes, taking advantage of both. Little did they care of this 'Giant' that they heard off that hated them for disturbing his peace. Those that were foolhardy would even try to kill him but his savagery was legendary.   People would come in force to try to drive him out but all failed. He had the blood of the Angels in his veins, and he could smite all with little effort. That is except one, a wise old man of Jewish origin by the name of Enoch. The latter was known to many of the Nephilim for treating them with respect and councilling them in the ways of YHWH and would try to act as a go-between for both sides.   Now, the Nephilim were hated in general for a couple of reasons in general. These would be for the following:
  • Wilden and his ilk were seen as violent, aggressive and bloodthirsty, as well as being thought off as cannibals. They were hated as they had a constant appetite for food, especially meat. Constantly on the lookout for food drove many of their kind to attack small unprotected groups of animals & peoples to get what they wanted & sate their appetites.
  • Wilden and his ilk had another far darker reason for others to hate them. They were the products of unions between the Angelic Watchers and mortal women. The Watchers were sent to Earth by YHWH to watch over humanity & report back to YHWH anything that pushed humanity away from his worship. Unfortunately they started to feel a close kinship with humanity and lusted after the daughters of men. At this point they also started to teach them the sciences, magic, warfare, weapon & armour smithing and a host of things forbidden. Along with this their unions with mortal women led to the birth of the Giants now known as Nephilim. After this YHWH sent the apocalyptic Flood to wipe out this evil. Unfortunately, many other entites decided to save a number of the Nephilim for their own nefarious ends. So, in his wisdom, YHWH sent down a number of Arch Angels including Michael & Ariel to take out as much of the remainder as possible.
  At this point, Wilden came into the story. Warned by Enoch that if he didn't change his ways he would attract the attention of YHWH and the Arch Angels if Wilden survived the coming apocalypse (of which he did). Wilden had been protected by a group of Djinn that sought dominance in the region of the valley. Knowing such a creature would attract the attention of their own misdeeds, they hid him in a cavern sealed against the floodwaters. When it receeded they reopened it to allow him to start fresh again.   He was a force of nature that fwe would want to be near crushing all those hat bothered him. He also remembered Enoch's warnings & tried to keep to his own. Unfortunately, the killings came to the attention of many different priesthoods in the region who begged & besieged their deities for help. YHWH immediately sent Arch Angels led by Samael to deal with Wilden upon hearing he had survived.   Samael tracked Wilden down to the valley where the Nephilim hid amongst the trees, hoping they would act as a screen against the wrathful Arch Angels, but this proved no use. Samael poisoned the trees with his angelic gifts & pinpointed Wilden.   Being a corruptor & destroyer of mortals that YHWH unleashed when needing to make an example of them, Samael looked around saying to Wilden "You will become one with your precious plants." Using more of his gifts, Samael twisted Wilhelms form into that of a dead tree, one that is whispered still stands, alone and almost stonelike, in the middle of this nameless valley where little life remains.

Historical Basis

The Book of Enoch is one of the books left out of all but one of the major Christian religions. A copy sits hidden away in the libraries of the Coptic Christians, and another rumoured to be in the Vatican. This specific myth is speculated to be passed down by word of mouth though, even if the Book of Enoch does mention the Nephilim, and their real parentage. Some day someone somewhere may find an original copy to see if such a myth has any real fact behind it.


This apocraphyl tale is spread around many small enclaves of Christian & Jewish groups throughtout the Middle East. A few have heard it in Europe & North Africa. Most of the major Jewish & Christian sects do not believe in it's veracity, and in the Islamic sects none believe in it saying there is no proof of it.

Cultural Reception

Pretty much dismissed as a myth with no actual basis by most, only a few believe in it.
"Yes there are such writings but usually after any fact so to speak. We have no true way to verify any of it unless actual proof appears, or there is actual physical evidence. This could be original writings, a Nephilim (though rumours persist the odd one lives in the deep deserts) is brought forward. Or a Watcher actually appears & tells us directly. So.. don't believe what all holy men tell you."   Father Tossil to Amon the holy warrior.
by Colonel 101
Date of First Recording
Around 700 BC.

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Lots of layers to this tale. I like how there's a touch of our real world in it to produce a subconscious layer of believability to it. Well done!

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