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Session 34: Probed by the Darkness Report

General Summary

After tidying up after the spy and the Ulmist Inquisition, Grimmaz & Willhelm decide what to do. Willhelm tries out his Telepathy and eventually makes out the spot to the southeast where the corrupt grove was. He heads there with the others following at a distance, and eventually talks to the Treant. He is told the grove is sleeping and only a residue is there at present It is also very hard to contact anything there.   After the others arrive, they eventually travel over the border into Saxony and scout the village of Ausverchen (Dodge in German). Willhelm scouts ahead and using his abilities to find out information. There are about 50 soldiers, and they are preparing for King Athelbrooke to arrive from Nuremburg with a further 50 troops. Then the head back to Eschbach.   The following morning, they use the Dimension Door to go back to Aachen. There they hand over the spy to Count De'Ath and ask for additional troops for if & when the Sazons raid Eschbach. He agrees and says they can carry out a raid themselves on the king's party and tells them that his death or capture would be a big blow for the Saxons.   Then they went shopping. Wilhelm bought a Ring of Defence from Emon Kanis, and a pair of +1 shortswords from Dwarf weaponsmiths / armourers. They are members of the Clan Ludger and are related to Childrec Ludger who they class as the best weaponsmith they have.   After this Emon Dimension Doors them to Wien as they can get quickly to Eschbach from there. First, they go to Childrec to arrange for him to set up a business in Eschbach allowing him and his clan to work there. He will make appearances at the forge to work and do other business. He also says that he will happily make any deals with them as long as it suits him too. He will see about introducing them to Clam Asgersonn too who rules the Mountain Dwarves north of Aachen and allow further trade between the different cities.   After that they head to see Father Tossil. They inform him of all they have learned, and they are told further information in return. TheĀ  Ulmist Inquisition mean well and come from a different dimension with a group called The Church of Ezra. They are affiliated with the Eastern Orthodox & Roman Catholic churches, and Tossil & the Order of St Benedict can contact them at any time.   They are informed that after further research, that the entrance to the Necrocult stronghold in the Ural Mountains has a stone door that on Friday the 13th in any given year, or certain dates like All Hallows Eve & other dates when the land of the dead & the Material Plane allows it to be opened. This turns the door the colour of ground bone, and the magical locks are unlocked.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
23 Sep 2022


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