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Session 30: Info Dump Report

General Summary

Fleec and Edward travel to his mother's inn, and sets out to buy some wool bails to take for sale. They use his mother's money to buy some. When they get these they go to the ship to go back to Parisius. Travelling there they see the white dragon far off in the distance flying out to sea and back again to land. Eventually coming to Parisius, they unload the wool to be sold by Floki the Tramp.   Travelling to Wein by horse they arrive there, and talk to Father Tossil who explains that the book they carry is a Configuration to be used in opening the gate to Leviathan's Labyrinth, and is made partly out of the skin of Stitchscar's first victim, and the flesh of Leviathan. They also are told that Stitchscar is able to bind with another Configuration but may take time to do it, and the book can be used by de Reis to enter the Labyrinth, with the intent of becoming a Cenobite. It is also bathed with dark magic found in the Black Pyramid. They formulate a plan to copy the book and create a fake book all the while setting up the final deal with de Reis. Edward will provide details of the plot to the Bishop of Notre Dame and have a writ issued for de Reis' arrest.   During the fake book production, Fleec went to see Childeric, the Dwarven blacksmith. Looking for a crossbow, and to get rid of the Uthbert sword, Fleec is offered 2500 gold, and a specially made short sword in return, and Childeric goes next door and gets a light crossbow as part of the deal. The short sword is made by Childeric in record time, and is magical.   Fleec & Edward travel back taking a dangerous route through the mountains to get back on time for the deal. When they do so, they are at the Slinky Seine, and sent a message there to de Reis. They sort out Fleec's gold, meet Martine Sascha who will accompany them, ask the Tramp to keep in contact with them and Fleec's family. Sascha & Edward go off to rouse the Bishop & Counts, and Fleec eventually heads to Notre Dame.   There, Fleec chooses a seat and de Rais appears scaring Fleec. He takes the book and hands a few items to Fleec. The first is a writ that allows him to trade openly with the de Rais family, the second a small bag of amethysts worth 300 gold, and a further writ saying the de Rais family won't interfere with the Snow family any more. When Fleec leaves, Martine & Edward leave too, and the city guard / militia swoop to arrest de Rais carting him off to the castle nearby.   Afterwards they make plans in the Slinky Seine of what to do next. They plan now to travel to north Africa to look for Fleec's father & the family's old mines, prevent the Yuan-Ti getting more power in the region, and to hunt for the interdimensional Black Pyramid. Edward recounts a story that the Phoenicians used to trade with the Cornish in Cornwall, Britain, for Tin and Carthage would make a good starting point. Also, Martine makes the point that the Yuan-Ti are serpent people, and worshipped the black dragon as "She who poisons the land with her breath", and that she didn't know what Dwarves were until Fleec explained that they were a race of humanoids. They will be able to travel to Rome, and get a ship to north Africa from there and maybe hook up with the Silk Road to check it out. That being Edward's idea.

Rewards Granted

3250XP. Amethysts worth 300 gold. 2500 gold, +2 magic short sword, light crossbow, a trade writ & writ of non-aggression with the de Reis family.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Fleec Snow
Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf ()
Rogue/assassin 8
61 / 61 HP
Report Date
29 Jul 2022


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