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Session 29: Travelling Home Report

General Summary

Fleec gets a message from de Rais via a small humanoid creature with wings, a tail, and leathery skin. It tells him to travel to Britain to break in ?& get the book. He leaves the Slinky Seine and pointed to a small barge down at the docks with the necessary faked documents for his mission.   After arriving at the ship and sailing over he lands at Weymouth where his mother's inn is at. There he goes to the inn, says hello to ther barkeeper & a few locals, and goes down to the cellar to meet his mother. They talk and he tries to get information about his quest, and told that his father hasn't been in contact in a couple of weeks. His mother doesn't really know anything and says that it is in Old Minster, Winchester, and his brother is in that direction. She tells him to talk more to the Thieves Guild of Frankia to throw more business their way.   He leaves and goes with a mix of pilgrims & caravans towards the city. When he gets there he enters a tavern with the local thieves guild symbol (a hand with the thumb & forefinger touching). Nobody seems to know who his brother Shorty is, until a group in the corner says that he needs to take a seat. They tell him tat Shorty is currently in jail injured after being found that way in the graveyard of Old Minster after trying to steal something from the cathedral, and at the Guard Station down the road. When leaving they say to him it's good to have one of theirs here, and he gives them the thieves guild sign.   He heads down to the Guard Station that is heavily fortified, and talks to a slightly arrogant guard who takes him back to the cells. He tells the guard to wind up his brother and gives him 5 silver. Fleec gets Shorty out who looks a bit worse for wear and finds out he tried to steal a treasure he heard about from drunken sailors. They were asked to bring the book directly to the cathedral, and he thought he could steal it. Unfortunately he tried to break the code on a seven barrel chamber lock and failed getting gassed in the process. They formulate a plan knowing the code is the number of Lucifer but Shorty had put it in wrong.   Shorty goes to get antitoxin, bullseye lanterns and oil from somewhere nearby while Fleec tries to get into the library of a monastery behind the cathedral belonging to the Order of St. Benedict. He gets stopped by an elderly monk called Edward who asks why he is here. Fleec explains about the book and about the trap, and that de Rais is after it. He also informs Edward that he knows a Father Tossil who looks after such items for safety. Edward knows Father Tossil, and is willing to help if the book can be moved to somewhere safer, going off for food & rest, then returning with ink, a quill and some paper 15 minutes after Shorty arrives back.   They go in the back of the cathedral, through a locked heavy oak door, and 5 to 10 minutes down a tight stone stairwell, into a corridor 15 feet long. Down at the bottom is the stone door with the barrel lock. Looking at it Edward uses his knowledge of numerology saying it was practised by Jewish mystics and the number of Lucifer is 777 not 666 (the number of the beast). Since there are seven barrels it could be 6161616. This would come from an alternative number 616 for the beast, and 6 & 1 adding up to 7. Edward uses this to open up the door.   When it unlocks and Edward pushes it open it feels cold inside. They are introduced to a room that's 20 feet by 20 feet and 10 feet tall. A candelabra is at each corner, with wooden bookshelves are to the left & right, a blank wall at the back, and a dais in the middle of the room with a strange book on it. When examined, the book has seven pages of vellum with strange symbols & some Latin on it. It has skin or leather over it covered in stitched together scars and is mounted on a black hard greasy substance. The strange symbols on the pages has 1 stitch on one page, 6 stitches on another, 7 stitches on another, and none on the rest. They take the three pages and put them in order and the remainder at the back.   When doing so, the door thumps & locks closed while a strange bluish white light starts emanating from random indentations on the back wall, while dolorous bell can be heard and a child crying. Soon a large rectangular door way appears on the wall and a character walks out while swathed in bluish white light. She stands there in a black leathery dress, with boots on, no hair, bluish white skin, and the dress stitched here & there to her body. Large scars are evident all over unhealed, and stitched closed which opens still when she moves in certain ways.   She states: "You summoned me. I came" When they state that they solved he book but didn't expect this, she states that she could find no desire in the room, and if bargained with she will let them go so the book can be out in the world, and a new guardian to it can be assigned, after the previous died. Fleec asked who she is and she says that they are explorers in pleasure & pain, and that she is a Cenobite of the Order of the Gash. Fleec asks her why a character like de Rais would want the book, and replies that de Rais may want to join the Order and that he would make a fine candidate. Fleec tells her that they are leaving with the book and that it will likely end up with Father Tossil, and possibly burned. Her reply is that if that happens it will either be given to de Rais or she will bond with another Configuration. Eventually she leaves when they say they will consider it but have use of it first.   At that point Shorty informs Fleec that he is staying in Britain to look after the family interests and to let Fleec know of anything that is of interest about the family to him. Otherwise hey will be in touch within 6 months or Shorty is to follow up with Floki the Tramp in the Slinky Seine if he doesn't hear anything back in this time. Edward the Monk is going with Fleec to see Father Tossil, and that's how the tale of Fleec ends for the time being.

Rewards Granted

3100 XP, Stitchscar's Configuration.

Character(s) interacted with

Fleec's mother, Floki the Tramp, Shorty Snow (Fleec's brother 6 years younger), Anglo-Saxon thieves, arrogant guard, Edward the St. Benedict monk, and Librarian Stitchscar.

Created Content

Edward the monk, Shorty Snow, Anglo-Saxon thieves guild mark (hand with thumb & forefinger touching, and rough layout of Fleec's mother's inn layout.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Fleec Snow
Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf ()
Rogue/assassin 8
61 / 61 HP
Report Date
23 Jul 2022
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