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Aos Si / Aes Sidhe, Aos Sith / Aes Sith

This group of beings is the name given to the fairies and / or elves, and underground in fairy forts, across the western sea, or in an invisible world that coexists with the world of humans. They have connections to mounds (especially burial mounds), hills and mountains, and sometimes referred to as "the people of the mounds". They are variously said to be the ancestors, the spirits of nature, or goddesses and gods. The aos sí are often appeased with offerings, and care is taken to avoid angering or insulting them. Often they are not named directly, but rather spoken of as "The Good Neighbours", "The Fair Folk", or simply "The Folk". Aos sí are seen as fierce guardians of their abodes —whether a fairy hill, a fairy ring, a special tree (often a hawthorn) or a particular loch or wood. It is believed that infringing on these spaces will cause the aos sí to retaliate in an effort to remove the people or objects that invaded their homes. They are responsible for the changeling myth in west European folklore, with the aos sí kidnapping trespassers or replacing their children with changelings as a punishment for transgressing. The aos sí are often connected to certain times of year and hours; as the Gaelic Otherworld is believed to come closer to the mortal world at the times of dusk and dawn, the aos sí correspondingly become easier to encounter. Some festivals such as Samhain, Beltane and Midsummer are also associated with the aos sí. Creideamh Sí is Irish for the "Fairy Faith", a collection of beliefs and practices observed by those who wish to keep good relationships with the aos sí and avoid angering them. The custom of offering milk and traditional foods—such as baked goods, apples or berries—to the aos sí have survived through the Christian era into the present day in parts of Ireland, Scotland and the diaspora. Those who maintain some degree of belief in the aos sí also are aware to leave their sacred places alone and protect them from damage through road or housing construction.


The Shee / Sidhe are essentially found in regions of nature and are thought to be tied in with certain natural phenomanon. Many are capable of causing rainfall, sunlight to shine, or a full moon to appear bright, at least to those who believe strongly about the Shee / Sidhe. Belief is strong in many Celtic regions and the Shee / Sidhe do like interacting with mortals, but on their own terms, and not always in a good way either.
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