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Naosuli's Hands - Competition

A flowering cactus of the Demon Realm, found in the Volcanic Wastes.     The cactus is named for both the shape of the tall false flowers on the top of their stalks and the demon deity of death, Naosuli. As it usually has five to seven stalks in a single plant, and the deity has six hands, the connection is easy to draw.   Naosuli's hands are made of two bodies - low growing pads that produce flowering fruits, and tall stalks with false flowers at their ends. The true flowers give off a sweet scent to attract insects to pollenate them, while the false flowers give off an intense odor of decay to attract carrion feeders and scavengers for the plant itself to eat.    Typically, the cactus waits until prey approaches close enough to try and eat the fruit on its pads before using its freemoving stalks to tear the prey apart.        Template article: Naosuli's Hands


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