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With the power of the Gods, and the beings that had given their lives to create them, the Aureum Vigil joined the battle. As the last gates were cracking under the assault, they leapt from the tower, hitting the ground with such force that the goblinoids were thrown to the ground.

The Aegrus Occisor met his foe's eyes across the bailey, and drew his fire blackened sword from its scabbard. He walked towards his enemy, crushing the bodies of his own troops beneath his feet. The Vigil drew his golden blade, and its light was the first ray of hope since the smoke from the corpse pits had covered the city.

The Occisor had destroyed countless foes as his armies swept over the land. His blade had drunk the blood of knights and wizards, commoners and kings. He burned with the power of the Devil Malignom, and his evil was absolute. But the Vigil's strength was the strength of goodness. It was the strength of those who were willing to die to protect their family, their friends, and strangers alike. It was the strength of the beliefs of those who decided that they would stand up to this evil, that they would embrace the power of the Gods and wield it to stop those who would strike at the innocent. The Vigil's sword had not been tested, but when they clashed, it was theirs that proved the stronger.

When the blades met, the powers of the Empyrean were released in a wave that flowed down the mountainside, driving the Army of the Apocalypse to their knees. A thunderous crack sounded, and the Occisor fell to his knees. His blade had broken, and he stared at the hilt, his faith in his deity shattered. He looked up, and met the eyes of the Vigil once again.

"In the names of the Gods, and the souls you have slaughtered, surrender yourself for judgment," the Vigil said, his voice a chorus of avenging angels. The Occisor sneered, and acted as all knew he must - he threw the hilt of his sword and drew a dagger. Before he could even clear the sheath, the golden sword came crashing down, and the Occisor's head fell from his shoulders. The Army broke, and many were trampled in their attempt to flee his wrath. The Vigil let them go, knowing his duty was to help the few remaining, rather than to chase a broken army.

— Greggor Blacke, priest of Carita
Overheard talking to a group of children at the Statue of the Golden Watcher


The people of Uborum represent all sapient races - elves, dwarves, humans, and halflings are common, but there are also gnomes, orcs, goblins, and others. Most inhabitants of the city work for one of the churches - from the farmers of Tempatia, to the judges of Adalci, the Gods' people keep the city running.

There is wealth in Uborum, but it is shared mostly equally. The poorest are the newly arrived refugees, as it takes time for them to acclimate to the society. There is work for everyone, and no one goes without their basic needs fulfilled, but none have wealth to be idle, and the most opulent residences would be laughed off by any noble or successful merchant.

All permanent residents of Uborum can be described as good. All are welcome, but those that do not have a pure heart do not end up staying. While the people of Uborum accept them, something in the air of the city makes them increasingly uncomfortable, until they decide to move along.


Uborum is run by a council of the four churches. The churches each provide a representative, and together the four of them guide the city. Tempatia is responsible for the growing things, the parks and the farmland. Carita handles the traditional trappings of government, dealing with infrastructure and community building. The refugees are helped by Quentis, as are any others that need it. Adalci is responsible for adjudicating any disagreements in the city, and is trusted to do so even when they are an interested party.


Uborum is one of the best defended cities in the world. It sits above one hundred foot high cliffs, with only a narrow slope leading upwards. A river cuts in front of the city from the slope, forming a natural moat. The city is surrounded by stone walls, and walls repeat up each of the five levels of the city. The gates are usually open, but can easily be sealed long before an enemy can make it to the city.

In the highest level of the city, nestled on the mountainside, is the great statue of the Golden Sentinal, the Aureum Vigil. The statue is of a ten foot tall knight, bearing the holy symbols of all of the Gods. The legends of the city say that the statue was created by the Gods long ago to protect the city, and that they can be awakened if necessary to save it again.

Industry & Trade

Uborum could feed itself if necessary, from the farms in the city and the fish and game available in the mountains above it. However, they get most of their food in trade with other cities, or as tithing from some rural areas. Tithing is also a major source of income.

The major industry is high quality finished goods. They import raw materials, and turn them into valuable trade goods that get shipped back out. Without magic, Uborum weapons and armor are the best that money can buy.


Uborum is a city of wonder. Waterfalls cascade down the mountain, directed to beautiful fountains and towards supporting extensive parks and agriculture. Mills of various sizes make use of water flow to grind grain, pump water, saw wood, and so on. Geothermal energy heats springs nearby, and communal bath houses have hot water pumped in. If there is a technological advancement in Helion, it can be found in Uborum.


The churches of Uborum have some of the most beautiful art in the world. Talented artists come from around the continent to create and have it added to the beauty of the city.

The churches can often have large sums of gold. This generally comes from tithing, and is gathered in Uborum before being dispersed to projects around the continent.

There are quite a number of beneficial magic items to be found in the city. Healing potions, cures for poison and disease, holy amulets, blessed armor and weapons - all of this and more are made in Uborum, and sold both in town and shipped to other markets.

Guilds and Factions

The churches of the four Gods of Good direct the city. There are some factions within each, but the city is generally quite coordinated in their efforts.


Uborum is by far the oldest city in the world, and has existed in some form for as long as records exist. It began as a well protected, but otherwise unremarkable city, until the rise of Malignom and the Army of the Apocalypse.

The Devil of Evil, Rot, and Wrath, raised the first army the world had ever seen, exerting his will from the Empyrean in an attempt to destroy the Terrene. He found the disaffected, those who hated and were hated in return, those who would rather see the world burn than continue to live in it. He raised up a priest to be the Aegrus Occisor, the diseased one, to direct the Army, and for years they unleashed hell upon the world. People fled before them, and many came to Uborum, seeking shelter.

The people of Uborum argued about what to do, until the first shadow of the Army came to them. The fundamentally good people of the city changed their fates that day, when they opened the gates to everyone to shelter from the encroaching evil. They sent out what troops they had to harrass the Army, hoping to send them looking for safer targets, but the horde was set. They approached, but they did so slowly - allowing many to flee ahead of them, to both spread stories of the torture awaiting the people of Uborum, and to strain their resources.

By the time the Army arrived, the city had assembled an army of their own, one that would have allowed them to conquer any of their neighbors. It was a small fraction of the size of the evil horde, but with righteousness in their hearts, they fought, and fought well. But in the end, they could not overcome the might of the Occisor and the size of the horde.

With the city overrun, and only a few hundred survivors holed up in the inner keep, the leaders made a fateful decision. With the willing sacrifice of their strongest warriors, most devout priests, and wisest magi, they were able to create the Aureum Vigil. The strength of the people of Uborum, coalesced into one being, one instrument of the Gods. The Vigil threw back the horde, and the Gods blessed the city. It recovered, and has endured since. While its power has ebbed, and it has nearly been destroyed several times through the ages, the Gods have never abandoned their city.

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