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Cardus is the most technologically advanced of the three human nations, though they owe this advancement mainly to influences from other cultures. Cardus, and specifically the capital, Sparrowrest, is home to a population of Gnomish refugees who were driven from their home, Rubinheym, by the Duergar who occupied the nearby mountain range. They now serve the Cardish military building great war machines and airships, under the agreement that their creations will be used to retake their ancestral home. Recently, Cardus established the first trade route to the east, connecting their capital with the great Dragonborn nation of Zir. Their marketplaces are now flooded with exotic spices an textiles, strange magical artifacts, and weapons and amour made from a mysterious crystalline material known as Ziranthian steel, or dragon glass. However, the inherent paranoia have made the humans weary of the scaled men, with their mastery of the arcane arts, and their ability to accurately predict the paths of the stars and phase of the two moons.  


During the The Darkening, Cardus was nearly completely decimated. In the ashes of near defeat, a new system of rulership was put in place. The kingdom will be ruled by two leaders: A King, to rule in times of peace, and a Night-commander, to rule in times of war.   Currently, the Kingdom is ruled by King Godfrey. The teenaged ruler only recently came to the throne after his father King Edmond's tragic passing in a hunting accident. Godfrey was raised to be a king and a knight and at fifteen is already a capable horseman and warrior.   The young king is advised by Night-commander Duncan, an ambitious military strategist. Duncan conscripted the Gnomes of Rubinheim to construct siege engines and airships, promising to retake their ancestral home in return. However, though his siege engines have grown larger and more advanced over the years, and his fleet of war machines has become formidable, he is still not satisfied, and the Gnomes have become impatient. Their living conditions in the Gnomish ghettos were
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