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Ardenia is the northern-most kingdom of man, and is the youngest of the three kingdoms of man that forms part of the The Northern Sanction.  


Following the Northern Conquest that established the kingdoms of Cardus and Haldrim, all the remaining orc tribes were driven northward. Some tribes settled in the Urshok mountains, while others still remained in the lands to the east of the mountains. The dwarven kingdom of Korim were dissatisfied with the increased concentration of orcs on their doorstep. A deal was made with a wealthy Haldrimian Noble, Lord Balthus Arden. He agreed to use his banner men to drive the orcs out of the lands between Korim and Urshok. In exchange the dwarves built a great wall around the newly conquered lands.   Following the Treaty of Bloodstone (Haldrim making peace with orcs, add to timeline), the dwarves of Korim began construction of the a southern extension of the wall, thereby separating Haldrim from Ardenia. The citizens of both human kingdoms were displeased at this development. To the Haldrimian nobles, this served as a confirmation of their fears: that the Treaty would ultimately ostracize them from the rest of the Northern Sanction. To the Ardenians, this proved once more that the dwarves were the true rulers of their homeland.  


Ardenia is ruled by Queen Aeleth, daughter of the late King Balthus Arden. A purveyor of fine arts, Queen Aeleth founded the famous bardic college, the White Rose Academy, led by Master Troubadour Christoph
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Queen Aeleth
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Dependent territory
Parent Organization
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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