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The Spinelands

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The Spinelands is a subcontinent on the continent of Tarsis, named after the Broken Spine mountain range that divides it. Some legends claim that the Spine was once whole, but was broken when the Titan Raxis was slain by the dwarven titanborn Durok, thereby splitting the mountain.   It is told that Durok then founded the great dwarven city of Kalazanbaar, deep in the heart of the Broken Spine itself. The dwarves of Kalazanbaar ruled the Spinelands for centuries, splitting off into smaller nations across the continent.   When human civilizations arrived, the dwarves gave them the Sanctions of Men, divided by the Spine into the Northern Sanction, and the Southern Sanction. However, the men were not welcome by all the natives, as the Southern Sanction was quickly decimated by a powerful curse from an unknown force, and was known as The Dead Kingdom ever since.   Meanwhile, of Kalazanbaar became unstable. The nation of Korim, a new, smaller dwarven nation to the north, growing weary of Kalazan rule, broke free from the nation that birthed it. This schism resulted in a devastating civil war that swept the Spinelands. The larger nation had the upper hand until the younger, more advanced nation of Korim developed The Construct Army.   The dark denizens of the Underdark, the drow and the duergar, that had been held back by Kalazan presence for centuries, sensed weakness in the Kalazan ranks. This resulted in an almost unthinkable alliance. The two races, previously sworn enemies, worked together to bring down the once proud nation. Kalazanbaar found itself fighting a three-front war, and lost.   The kingdoms of men and the other short-lived races recovered in a matter of decades as the Great Dwarven War faded from their memories. The long-lived races, however, still feel the wounds of battle, and to this day some still carry the grudges or war.