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Korim is a great Dwarven kingdom to the North. Originally established as a colony of Kalazanbaar, it was subsequently caught in a decades-long feud with its parent nation, colloquially known as The Dwarven Schism.  

Founding of Korim

  Korim was named after its founder, Kormir Aurumhelm, who established Korim as a mining colony in the Vallahir Mountains. The mountains proved rich in metallic ore, both precious and otherwise, and within a century of its founding Korim was a well established colony, and sought independence from Kalazanbaar. After a further century of deliberation, this independence was granted on apparently good terms.  

The Dwarven Schism

Main article   The reason for this disagreement is mostly either unknown of forgotten among humans. It lasted up until the The Darkening, a battle which ultimately resulted in Kalazanbaar's defeat against the forces from the Underdark.   Today, a small portion of Korim's population consist of Kalazan refugees and their offspring. Although reasonably well integrated into Koran society, there are still some older Kalazan dwarves who are displeased with their new rulers, and struggle to adapt to life in a more modernized society.  

Alliance with Ardenia

Main article   Thane Helmoral Argentum, Thane of the Third House Among Equals, proposed an alliance with the humans in order to drive away the orcs to the West. In return, the dwarves built a wall around the then newly established kingdom of Ardenia.  

The Crucible

Main article Korrim is lead by The Crucible, a voting council established by Kormir early on in Korim's history. It consists of the Thanes of the three most powerful houses in Korim.
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