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The Darkening

The war that lead to the fall of the great dwarven Kingdom of Kalazanbaar.

The Conflict


The conflict began over Raxium, a valuable resource that could only be mined in the heart of The Broken Spine. Initially, the dwarves thought it to be an unworkable ore, and traded it freely among themselves as a byproduct. However, the young but advanced nation of Korim developed a furnace that could smelt the ore, and release its magical properties, which they used to build powerful constructs. Korim kept this method to themselves, and started trading large quantities of their stockpiled wealth to obtain the material from Kalazanbaar. At first, the older nation suspected nothing, and thought this a fair agreement. However, it was not long before Kalazan spies returned with whispers of a secret Construct Army forged using their very own ore. They grew jealous and suspicious, and demanded that Korim share their technology with their dwarven brethren.   Previously thought of as the weaker nation, Korim grew greedy with their newfound power, and refused to share their discoveries. Kalazanbaar consequently cut off all supplies of Raxium, and began stockpiling it themselves. This was too late, as Korim had already amassed a large military force made up of tireless, mindless constructs.   Kalazanbaar desperately began researching ways to forge the elusive metal, but to no avail. They simply could not reach the temperatures required to release the magical properties as Korim had done.   The King of Kalazanbaar became increasingly frustrated with the shortcomings of his royal blacksmith, Eldersmith Brodok Emberguard. He banished him, stripping his ranks and family name. In desperation, Eldersmith Emberguard sought to continue his research, and restore his honour.   Smith goes to volcano, discovers he can use it to smelt ore.   Then brings it back to the king, restores his honour, and orders mass mining of ore, creating massive chasms in the spine where the ore once was. They mined and blasted the mountain for years, setting up vast underground rail networks that connect the eastern and western halls, and the great forges in the volcano.   The volcano is/contains the spirit of a fallen Titan. desperate greed of the dwarves bring the evil spirit of the mountain out of dormancy, starts spewing ash and creates the Ban Tuur Steppe (aka the Utaagazar (Ashlands in Ban Tuur language).   Tuur rages in fury, spewing forth an ash cloud that darkens the sun, and shaking the entire Spinelands. The tremors from the eruption shook the Broken Spine. Weakened from the mining and blasting, the tremors created openings to the underdark. The lands south of the Broken Spine were plunged into darkness, and the denizens of the underdark were able to walk the surface for the first time. The surface dwellers were exposed to the terrors of the underdark.


The volcano unusable, and diminished resources, Kalazanbaar was in a vastly weakened state. Despite this, Kalazanbaar fought well against the duergar. The duergar made an unprecedented alliance with their sworn enemies, the Drow, promising them the great halls of West Kalazanbaar (which had long since been depleted of Raxium), if they could keep the Eastern halls, and the only remaining Raxium ore, to themselves.   Kalazanbaar believed that, with the aid of Korim's construct army, they could beat back the dark alliance. But Korim did not believe their calls, thinking it a ploy to get their technology, and refused to answer.


Kalazanbaar met a devastating defeat. Only a few Kalazan dwarves survived, including the Eldersmith. They arrived at the gates of Korim in rags. Korim knew then that it was no ploy, and their inaction resulted in the death of thousands of their dwarven brethren, and the fall of the great nation that birthed them.


The western halls are now occupied by the Drow of Dar-daïthar, while the eastern halls contain the Duergar of Ull-vol.

Historical Significance


Korim remains a powerful nation, but only a handful of Korim's elite, The Crucible, know that their Construct Army, thusfar thought to be invincible, has a finite lifespan, and they will require more Raxium before long.   Eldersmith Emberguard, disguised as a common Kalazan refugee, knows of the massive stockpiles of Raxium that are trapped within the fiery depths of Tuur, and guarded by the now awoken spirit of the mountain.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Kalazanbaar falls

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