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Haldrim is a human kingdom in The Northern Sanction. Alongside Cardus, it was the first kingdom to be established during the The Liberation of the North.   Ruled by King Cyric the Grey, in his 91st year, he remembers the kingdom of Kalazanbaar and yearns for those older days when the dwarves of the Broken Spine ensured peace throughout the land.  

Historical events


The Burnt Hills

During The Darkening, the dense forests south of Haldrim became infested with monsters from the underdark. The king at the time gave the order to burn the forest, thereby driving the creatures back below ground, and removing the cover that the raiders were relying on.   Since then, the scorching of the Burnt Hills became an recurring event in Haldrim, with many Haldrimians flocking to nearby towns every two years to observe the fires.  

The Grey Treaty

  In the midst of a long a deadly war, Haldrim famously and mysteriously made a truce with the orcs of the Urshok Mountains. This drew suspicion from the neighbouring human kingdoms, who have been at war with the orcs since their arrival.   The treaty resulted in an influx of orcish refugees in Haldrim, and the emergence of a large half-orc population. King Cyric launched a recruitment campaign, contracting you half-orcs to the military. As such, a large percentage of Haldrim's standing army is currently made up of half-orcs, which is causing a lot of fear and paranoia to spread among the traditional nobility.  



The Divine Union

  Haldrim is a religious theocracy. The Church of the Divine Union has a strong influence on the laws and customs. Most notably, all non-divine magic is outlawed within Haldrimian territories.  

Cyric's successor

  King Cyric is certainly closer to his end than his beginning, and he fears what will happen when he passes.   His eldest daughter, Princess Elisa, is a pious and faithful follower of the Divine Faith, and she considers Grand Inquisitor Tomas Santemada a close personal advisor. She is also firmly against the peace treaty with the orcs, and wishes to see all orcs expelled from Haldrim. This view is shared with many of the Haldrimian Nobility, who have seen their proud cities being ruined by half-orc slums.   King Cyric would prefer if his second daughter, Princess Miranda, ruled after his passing. However, known only to him and a select few, Miranda is a sorcerer. Her innate (and largely suppressed) magical powers makes her a threat to the Haldrimian way of life. She believes that arcane magic holds the key to progress in the kingdom. She dreams of a teleportation network that would circumvent the dangerous journey through the Maw, and of bardic songs filling local taverns.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
King Cyric the Grey
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