The Skyrunner Tribe

Roughly Year 34 ADP

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This guild is 18+ due to themes and mature content.

For generations, the Skyrunner tribe has made their home in the vast wastes of Desolace. Seeking not only to atone for the sins of their ancestors but also to restore the land to its once former glory and life. With the violent death of the former Chieftain and many of the Tribe's most skilled fliers the new Chieftain, Kanatu, is left to rebuild this ancient tribe into a new age. Establishing wide-scale nomadic movements, connecting with the other races of the Horde and Azeroth, and committing to the protection of Azeroth, not just Desolace. Such things are not easy and Kanatu has called out for aid in this new vision, not only from other Tauren but any member of the Horde wishing to uphold the values and vision of his ancient people.