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I'm an awkward nerd which enjoys dark spaces, quiet interaction with animals and the occasional walk out in the people world unless of course I have to go to work. In addition to writing a novel series and working on the world for that I own a small business, work full time, and hang out with my cat, dog, and boyfriend.

Favorite TV Series

Supernatural (the first 5 seasons), Friends, Mash

Favorite Books

Whatever one I am currently reading. I tend to let myself fall in love with every book.

Favorite Games

Fallout, Spyro, Dragon Age, Blood Bowl, Pillars of Eternity, Ark Survival Evolved, CitiesSkylines, Monster Hunter World, The Elderscrolls Series, Age of Empires, Assassin's Creed


Latest Loved work

Hemalilia, "Bloody Nettle"