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STRIKE is a unit of the Vallandian police force, just its most elite one. Unlike other Vallandian police departments, STRIKE isn't bound to any particular region. When they are called in, they are magically teleported from their base of operations to the emergency. Therefore, they answer to only to the government head of STRIKE, who is unknown at the time. Otherwise that Head of STRIKE assumedly answers to the Vallandian Council.   Also being a very new addition to Valland's law enforcement, this structure may not be here to stay, nor could the entire organization. Valland created STRIKE as a direct response to rising criminal powers, the absence of the Slicers, and the looming threat of gang war.   As of Chaunteum 22nd, all standard police departments had been ordered to prioritize protecting the people over apprehending gang-affiliated criminals. All gang-related threats, in general, are left to STRIKE to eliminate. For example, should the Black Dawn launch a destructive raid that puts the people in danger, the police force is only allowed to directly protect the people; they are not permitted to engage the criminals. In this example, the police force would protect the public, and when the STRIKE team arrived, they would engage the criminals and neutralize the threat. Police forces are still very much allowed to apprehend such criminals if the people are in danger, but once the STRIKE team is deployed, they are ordered to solely protect the people. Because of this, STRIKE is widely considered to be one of the players in Valland's impending gang war.   Each STRIKE operative is classified under one of three classes: the enforcer, the juggernaut, and the stalker.
  • The Enforcer is the unspecialized and adaptable STRIKE soldier, as they are comparable to a highly trained and equipped police officer. The Enforcer comes equipped with medium armor, a technomagic vibroblade, a light spellrifle, and a heavy spellpistol.
  • The Juggernaut is the heavy weapons and armor soldier of STRIKE, requiring a strength and resilience-based entrance exam over the standard Enforcer. The Juggernaut is equipped with heavy armor, a heavy spellarm, a technomagic riot shield, a stun baton, and a vibroaxe for two-handed combat. 
  • The Stalker is a stealth-oriented officer of STRIKE, proficient in espionage and subterfuge. The Stalker comes equipped with light armor, cloaking technomagic, two spellpistols, two vibrodaggers, a heavy long-range spellrifle, and technomagic boots that decrease noise and allow vertical surfance movement. Outside of stealth missions, Stalkers often provide sniper support in massive conflicts.
STRIKE consists of two main squads: a STRIKE team and a STRIKE unit.
  • A STRIKE team can consist of any makeup of the current STRIKE soldiers. They are led by a STRIKE Captain, a highly trained officer that exclusively orders the formation and duties of STRIKE soldiers during missions. A STRIKE team is a one-time formation, being assigned with any mixture of soldiers in order to complete a given task.
  • A STRIKE unit consists of one type of each soldier, an enforcer, a juggernaut, and a stalker. A STRIKE unit is assigned at recruitment. They have no direct leader like the STRIKE team, they operate based on an order from a chief or commissioner and then to their own teamwork. The main advantage of units is that they are far easier to mobilize than teams; a unit is already assigned and ready to deploy at any moment, whereas a STRIKE team has to be created and assigned whenever they are needed.

Public Agenda

The complete and sole purpose of STRIKE is to apprehend and eliminate all gang-related threats to the Vallandian public. Effectively, this is only regarding crime surrounding the impending gang war.
Founding Date
Chaunteum 12th, 576 AP
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
Special Threat Removal and Intervention in Key Emergencies
Training Level
Parent Organization
STRIKE Enforcer

STRIKE Juggernaut

STRIKE Stalker


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