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Swarm Combat Medic

To watch the heroes

The Swarm is a tactical unit. When you fight as a flight, or a lone element, you can keep track of whether everyone's okay. In a swarm, the combat medic takes care of that.
— Combat Medic Alanna
  The Swarm Combat Medic is the second in command of the 100-bird swarm, subordinate only to the Swarm Leader. Generally the spouse of the Swarm Leader, the Combat Medic has direct command over all escorts serving in its swarm, and is a member of the swarm's Command Element.


There are several ways to become a Combat Medic. I warn you that none of them are easy.
— Combat Medic Alanna, addressing recruits
  There are several levels of Combat Medic. All combat medics are first brought to a centralized school in Port Nora, at level CM-0. The medics then undergo a yearlong training, and either fail or graduate at the first level. After the combat medic is trained, they are shipped to a unit. Alternative methods of qualification may include direct examination, demonstration of medical merit on the battlefield, or entrance from a civilian medical school.   Combat medics with battlefield experience are promoted to CM-2s. Combat medics with frontline experience are promoted to CM-3s. Decorated combat medics are promoted to CM-4s. If a swarm's wing needs a Wing Medical Commander, the wing chooses from CM-4s.

Civic, Military, Commissioned
In effect
Baiqiang Protocol
Alternative Naming
Combat Medic
Equates to
Field Medical Officer
Source of Authority
Merit (completion of medical training)
Length of Term
Life (or until promotion)
Reports directly to
Swarm Leader
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