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Salt Range

Sandstone Gorges and Peaks

Here are the peaks that hold up the sky.
Here I was born, and here I will die.
— Anonymous Halorin
  The Salt Range is a mountain range spanning some ten thousand kilometers on the east of Zentland. Approximately two hundred thousand kilometers in surface area, the Salt Range is a distinct ecoregion of Zentland, and has a unique cultural history for halorin and drone alike. Drone Base #27 and #28 are located on the border of the Salt Range ecoregion and the Kava swamp ecoregion, while Drone Bases #29 through #34 are wholly within this region.


The salt range is a land of earthen-colored mountains: all the same, featureless beige. However, within this place by swamp and forest hides a plethora of lifeforms.
— Outrider Drone 31-08
  The Salt Range, a young, growing group of mountains, is in the easternmost regions of the continent of Zentland. Like the Thousand Peaks Range, it was and still is being formed by the collision of a microplate (in this case designated Z3) into the main landmass of Zentland. The mountain range is relatively new, and therefore is much more craggy than the more eroded peaks of other ranges.   The geography is dominated by two rivers: the Lira, flowing from the northern half of the range, and the Merva, flowing from the south. These two rivers start in the highest peaks of the range and flow east towards the sea, and have often been called the "cradle of civilization" for the Brown Halora, as counterpoint to the Tigris and Euphrates of our civilization.   Running west is another river: the Kalan, which is one of the few rivers that are given the character "great river" in texts written by Halorin. The river starts out in the far west of the range and flows west, before bending south, following the valley often known as the Salt Plains, for the swampy, marshy areas that it has. However, drained swamp and marsh make excellent farmland, and this river (sometimes noted as the "New Nile") is also a birthplace of Halorin civilization.  
The mountains are notoriously craggy... none but the most determined and enlightened sages can eke out an existence in these lands. The deep gorges and desolate landscape make travel nearly impossible between the easternmost reaches of Kalia and the western borderlands of the Bay Alliance.
— Halorin traveler's journal, Linsent Archives
  The rest of the landscape is mainly dry, split between deep sandstone gorges and tall peaks. In the approximate center of the range, the mountain of Kanira towers over ten thousand feet, the tallest peak in this range. The lowest point is a deep sandstone gorge, named the Gorge of Flame. This area is sacred, having a beautiful red glow along its ten-kilometer length both at sunrise and at sundown.

Fauna & Flora

Outrider Drone #27-00, stop getting distracted with those religions of the Salt Range! You're here to study the Kava forests, not every minute detail about this mountain range. That's our job! 27? Commandant 27?
— Base 30 Commandant
  The area of the Salt Range contains much unique flora and fauna. Due to its relatively high altitude, the Range contains many species endemic to the subalpine and alpine zones of mountains. Although more detail will not be provided here, at least two thousand species have been recorded by Outrider Drones as of Domefall.

Alternative Name(s)
Eastern Range, Kalian Range
Mountain range
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Baiqiang Union
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